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Product Fern

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Hi, welcome to Product Fern

Product management, business analysis and user research are professions we are passionate about. It is the act of connecting people together to create a shared understanding. It is the art of creating excellent products which give value to users.

We aim to empower those managing products and conducting business analysis in the best way possible. Above all, we strive to support organisations to get the benefits which business analysis and product management provides.

Whilst this is what we hang our hat on, we also have a huge focus on user research and user experience. It’s hard to have one without the others. You will often need all of these aspects in order to get an excellent outcome. This is a space for business analysts, system analysts, product owners, product managers, service owners, user researchers and more.

We live in a world now where there is almost constant change. Disruption is everywhere. There is no excuse to be lazy in the systems we are creating or the products we produce. It is even more important to really understand our users. In addition, we must ensure an organisation is working in a lean and sustainable way. It is even more important to use these professions than ever.

Where should I start?

If you are looking for somewhere to start, then we recommend beginning on the ‘what is business analysis‘, ‘what is product ownership‘ and ‘what is user research’ posts.

Explore the rest of the website to learn more. We strive to present useful and ultimately fun content to support your journey.

If at any time you want a chat, have any suggestions or have a question, then please contact me.

Behind the site

I am a product manager and business analyst based in the United Kingdom. I’ve worked in the industry for many years taking on Lead BA roles but also acting as a product owner and user researcher. Over that time, I’ve worked in a variety of different market areas, such as retail, defence, public services, manufacturing and shared services. I’ve also worked in different formats such as in-house, consulting and contracting.

Ultimately, I’m really passionate about the professions. Both in making sure organisations use them to be the best they can be, but also to support more people to bring all the value they can.

All images on this website are either taken by me or used copyright free from Unsplash.